Our Team

Our rehab specialists are studying for their masters in Chiropractic and have worked in the sports massage and fitness training industry for over 15 years.

We work with patients who have problems with posture, suffer from pain, have had injuries or are recovering from operations. Using various techniques such as biomechanics correction and functional neurology we can obtain optimal musculoskeletal health, reducing pain and restoring supreme function.

We will  work with you to improve posture, neurological conditions, skeletal dysfunctions, musculoskeletal injuries in general as well as provide pre/post op rehab.

By undertaking a functional approach, we can condition your body to cope with everyday tasks in a much more competent way eliminating general aches and pains.

Sports massage
Deep tissue massage
Pregnancy massage
Manual lymphatic drainage
Medical Acupuncture
Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation
Biomechanical taping
Sports/ K Taping
Injury specialist
Postural analysis and correction
Gait analysis and correction
Exercise prescription
Pre/post natal exercise prescription
Low back specialist
Mckenzie method for low back pain

And much more…

All treatments include a patient consultation and full screening prior to any work commencing, this allows us to develop a bespoke treatment plan according to your needs. With any treatments, our aim is to help you regain strength, movement and reduce pain.